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The Storage Elmers End Company That Can Meet Every Requirement  and Need in BR3

Mobile Self Storage Elmers End BR3

br3 site storage containers elmers endThe advantages of mobile self storage over more traditional self storage Elmers End methods are many. By giving you the ability to load a storage unit at your home or business address, it immediately saves you the hassle of getting to an storage facility to load and unload your things. We can even do the loading and unloading for you. Yet, what’s even better is you can access your BR3 mobile storage unit whilst it’s at our storage warehouse. Then when you no longer need your storage, say when it’s used for a time you have renovations done, we’ll bring the storage container back to you. It’s simple, easy as well as cost-effective.


Self Storage Elmers End BR3

br3 self store elmers endWith us you have yourself top quality self storage in Elmers End for less. It’s what we’re known for and why we’re become such a successful storage company in London. We also give you a local storage facility which means we have even more convenient storage for you. If you haven’t thought about having your own storage space BR3 before now, it really is an essential asset to have nowadays. If your flat is in any way getting a little cramped or cluttered for instance, renting storage room from us means it’s no longer a problem. For extremely good value hire rates, you can store those items not needed on a regular basis with us. It’s easy, practical and affordable.


Home Storage Elmers End BR3

br3 home storage services in elmers endIf the lack of home storage space has become a problem recently you should really think about hiring BR3 domestic storage space with us. We are used by many households within the local area who find that space in their home is becoming less and less as they accumulate more items and belongings over time. For a brilliant low price, we can offer you an excellent quality storage room you can access whenever you want. It’s self storage Elmers End which you can use for a variety of purposes and with our inexpensive self storage prices, it means you can rent storage long-term without it breaking the bank.


Business Storage Elmers End BR3

br3 commercial storage elmers endWe already cater for a number of businesses within the local area who need that extra office storage space for a number of reasons. It could be to store office equipment which isn’t needed at the moment or furniture which is taking up room but you may need again in the future. For every type of business, we have the business storage BR3 which is, in effect, customised to fulfill your needs. At the heart of our own business is a very high standard of storage unit we give to all our clients. It’s Elmers End secure storage and conveniently located near to you for even greater ease of use.


Student Storage Elmers End BR3

elmers end small storage br3Being a student you’ve enough to worry about without having to fret about the lack of space in your accommodation. For one thing, having less room and having to shuffle things about all the time can make studying just that little bit more difficult which is not welcome at all. The solution to this is our self storage units. A storage unit Elmers End with us is clean, dry, secure and you can hire one for a lot less than you may think. That’s because our self storage prices are some of the cheapest anywhere and for students we do everything to make sure you get the exact BR3 storage room you want for a great low price.


Secure Storage Elmers End BR3

br3 secure storage services elmers endSecure storage is something we provide as standard. That’s to say we have twenty-four hour security at all our self storage units across the region. In addition, our BR3 storage facility has all the additional extras you’d expect from a storage company which has won praise for its storage services right across the area. We want you to feel, and know, that when you store your items with us they’re safe and secure. The Elmers End storage space itself is as it should be, well-maintained, clean and spacious. Our storage maintains a high standard and yet, we always maintain a cheaper price, giving both quality and great value all at once.


Self Storage Units Elmers End BR3

br3 metal storage containers elmers endWe have a range of different sized self storage units in BR3 you can choose from when you come to us for storage hire. So, naturally, depending on what you want it for and for how long, you can pick just the right storage room which is both practical and convenient for you. You have greater ease of access for your own particular storage unit, so anytime you want you can pop down to your self storage unit. We also have extensive security measures which give you extra peace of mind in regards to your personal items. With us you get secure storage Elmers End which is affordable storage and, in turn, simply great storage.


Self Storage Rooms Elmers End BR3

br3 furniture storage elmers endWe try to give you a better class of self storage rooms in Elmers End. By different class, we mean a better standard of storage unit which not only stores your items but protects them. For that, we have extensive security measures installed. This is twenty-four hour security which means, apart from anything else, you know your valued belongings are being looking after in a safe environment. The storage room BR3 you hire with us is clean and modern. Our customer service is helpful, courteous and flexible, listening to your needs including when they change. We give you storage space which really is worth paying for, especially when, with us, it’s a great low price to begin with.


Storage Elmers End

br3 low cost storage elmers endHaving cheaper BR3 self storage prices than many of our competitors is a conscious decision we made long ago in order to give our local clients the very best in self storage yet make sure it is something they can have long-term if they so wish. It’s one of the reasons we’ve built up a loyal and happy customer base who hire self storage units from us over many months and years because they know we’ve not only the best storage facilities but in turn the best value storage in London. You’ll be delighted with the excellence of storage Elmers End space you hire just as you’ll be delighted with the price you pay.


Best-priced Storage Elmers End Services in BR3

Get in touch with our storage Elmers End company if you need more space in BR3 and enjoy our perfectly priced services and exciting deals.

Storage Unit Size Per Week Per Month 3 Months 6 Months
1x 35 sq ft unit £17,50 £70 £210 £420
2x 35 sq ft units £35 £140 £420 £840

*All prices are subject to VAT at 20%.

–°lients Say



Storing my furniture with Elmers End Storage Containers was smooth. The staff tried to help me out whenever I was stuck. They are outstanding.

P. Jones


Mobile Storage Elmers End were conveniently located for me. Their storage rooms were also cheap to hire out.

J. Davis


My experience with StorageElmersEnd is the best I have gained so far because of renting a self storage unit. The pricing was my most favourite as I benefited from a discount. Apart from the discounted price, the staff were polite and helpful, while the rooms were sparkling clean. Strongly recommend.

Adam K.


As a student I was always stuck at the end of the year when my tenancy agreement ran out. I'd need to drive all my belonging back home, only to move them back again a few months later. A classmate told me to try Elmers End Storage Containers and it was a great experience. The student storage they offer is very cost-effective and secure. It's saved me a lot of hassle, thanks!

Andrea Kirby


I was moving to a new home that was slightly smaller than my current one. I wouldn't be able to take all of my things with me, but I didn't want to throw away or sell anything either. I found the perfect solution with Storage Elmers End as I was able to hire storage space from them. I placed the items I didn't often use in the unit and moved everything else. This is a really useful service that I will be using for quite some time.

Luke Squire


The storage facility at Elmers End Storage Facility is fab. I used it recently during my move as there was a lot of stuff I didn't want at my new property but I didn't have time to sort it all out. Located it here and have been left to sort through it in my own time, which has really helped take some pressure off. Thanks a lot.

Britney Westwood


I wanted a lot of things from storage so I wasn't sure any firm were up to it. This changed when I talked to Mobile Storage Elmers End because they assured me they could give me everything I needed. They did just that and so I had the perfect storage experience.

Michelle and Anna


My friend and I were looking to store our goods for the term holidays. We were really low on budget and were worried that we would have to carry our goods all the way back to our homes. But Self Storage Units Elmers End came to our rescue. They offered us a pocket friendly deal and we were able to store away our bedding, books and other goods. Thank you for taking care of our goods while we were away. Excellent service, highly recommended if you are looking for a student storage unit.

Mr R. Esmond


A tragedy in my family led us all to immediately find the highest quality self storage option for the property that had been left behind. It was a difficult period, but with a little searching we found StorageElmersEnd. They dealt with our situation in an incredibly graceful way that helped everyone involved feel at ease. Outside of their manner, we had absolute assurance of security and saw for ourselves how good their containers are when we loaded it. We never worry about the wellbeing of our delicate heirlooms and remembrances, and for that we have this excellent company to thank.

Contact Information

Company name: Storage Elmers EndLtd.
Telephone: 020 3744 1344
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 07:00-00:00
Street address: 241 Beckenham Road, Beckenham
Postal code: BR3 4UF
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Latitude: 51.4094160 Longitude: -0.0445860
E-mail: [email protected]
Description: If you want to have an easy and flexible access of the unneeded items, rent temporary storage unit BR3 or long term storage room in our storage facility in Elmers End, Eden Park, Park Langley, Shortlands, West Wickham, Bromley, Downham, Beckenham, etc.
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